Saturday, 12 July 2008


My estate is voting for LUP. I hope it'll go through and all will have lifts to the level where we stay.

I've been staying in this estate for the past 17years and I really welcome this programme with wide open arms. My parents are quite old already and it'll be better if this can be completed soon. Slugging big and small bags after grocery purchases and climbing the flight of stairs is a killer. Bulk delivery or removal will be easier and more convenient.

Its really very cheap. Got to pay only $2k plus. Co-sharing with government paying the bulk of it and town council and us sharing the remaining amount equally. Its really worth it. Once its through, its whether to decide on full payment or by instalment. Hmm... i prefer full payment. Coz there'll be an addition of $300 plus to pay for interest over the next 5 years. Its not as if there'll be opportunity cost if I pay in full. My money's sitting in the bank anyway. The interest's not much and I don't think I'll take it out to do investments.

Small price to pay for a big advantage. I pray that this LUP will go ahead.

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