Saturday, 12 July 2008

Sexual Harrassment

Oh there are quite a few articles in the newspaper over the past week.

Sexual harrassment doesn't seems to be gender specific but rather its about power. Guys in the lower job position are harrassed by their lady bosses but ladies are getting it worse from more directions. Bosses, colleagues and even subordinates. In most cases, the guys who are the perpetrators. Guys are more sexually inclined physically that's why such things happen.

But I believe that its all in the mind. If one has strong moral values and is able to control such thoughts, such things will be fewer. There'll be excuses of girls are wearing less, being flirty and more "open". But if one can differentiate what one can do and what cannot do, these excuses can't be used as a strong case to argue.

I'm not a lady and it'll be difficult to interpret why ladies are the perpetrators. But my take is the lady perpetrators might have misunderstood the signals sent by guys and thought to be an invitation.

Its better to be more careful and don't let others misinterpret wrongly.

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