Sunday, 6 July 2008

An example of Determination, Endurance and Forgiving

Read an article on the chinese newspaper and I'm awed by the lady's determination, endurance and forgiving.

Determination and endurance for being able to live 12 years when the doctors say she had only 2 years to live due to 3rd stage breast cancer.

Forgiving for being able to forgive her ex-husband who as a doctor didn't give her a fair diagnosis to go for treatment when she was found to have symptoms of breast cancer. Her ex-husband was such a selfish person that he used his excuse as a doctor to tell her there's nothing wrong with her and that she should trust his judgement. In actual fact, he is indirectly "killing" her to get rid of her so he could be with his mistress, a nurse. He even ask his wife to help him pursue the nurse.

This doctor, having studied so much does not have a sense of respect for her. Its really one good example of people failing morally.

It should be a good example for people to look for partners with open eyes. Take this lady for example, the couple had many happy moments when they were together but in the end, the marriage was a disaster. It made me realise that people are able to have good times together but is unable to journey down the road when there's problems. Having many happy moments together does not ensure a everlasting journey together. A person's character is very important.

Many will say love is blind. But a little tinge of rationality should be able to open one's eye to choose correctly and to take a route to happiness instead of disaster.


Anonymous said...

Not everyone is so morally high-strung. And it has nothing to do with one's qualifications. There are people with all the high qualifications, but behave like a total prick.

Not everyone is willing to brave through difficult times with another person. Most people will just go through happy times, but when it comes to difficult times, they just run. Which is why divorce is getting more common, very sad but true, because people nowadays are more self-centred. They love themselves more than anything else, so to them, they feel why must they suffer if they can move on?

At times when you marry someone, you really cannot tell how the future will be like. For instance, in the event you lose your job and run into financial difficulties, you won't know if your wife will just take the kids and leave.

Even when you enter a relationship, you also can't tell whether it will end up happy ever after. But the real test is whether the person can be with you through trials and tribulations, and not run away whenever there's any problem. So if the person runs away or cheats you, then you are better off without him / her in the end.

It really takes time to know someone, some may take their lifetime and still not know a person thoroughly because people are always changeable. For instance, when one is younger, their reactions to certain things may be different as compared to when they are older. So both partners have to keep adapting to each other and keep growing, otherwise that's how people drift apart.

A Place to Chow said...

Certain things are preventable. One just have to plan for the future.

Change is the only certainty. Humans change as they gain experience. Its how one reacts to the situation that shows whether the person is worthy or not.