Sunday, 3 August 2008

Calcium in bones

Comparing a man in his late 60s and a woman in her early 60s, who will be complaining of difficulty of walking? My thought is that the man will be the one complaining the most.

But the truth is, the woman is the one complaining more. Why? The reason is very simple. Woman is more susceptible to calcium lose in bones. And as one advance in age, the bones have difficulty in absorbing and storing calcium.

Now when I see my mum walking so and complaining of aching in the knees, its really sad to see my mum like this. When I saw this "EBENE", a knee guard, I decided to buy it for her. I was at Guardian looking out for this and when I found it, the sales girl recommended a cream to which is easier to absorb into the bones. I bought it even though it is more expensive than the knee guard.

But prevention is better than cure. A few decades ago, there's no advice on having milk young. Nowadays, there are many ads on calcium retaining milk. So LADIES START DRINKING MORE MILK WHEN ONE IS STILL YOUNG.

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juphelia said...

Can drink more milk of course, but have to consider the fact that many ladies are lactose intolerant, just like my mum. Even when she was pregnant with all of us, she could not touch milk, or milk products. So she never takes milk or cheese. That does not mean she does not have a healthy diet; I guess at times one just have to substitute something else and hope for the best.