Sunday, 3 August 2008

Its Sunday

Haha... today did some cooking. You must be saying "Again". This time I'm trying out hainanese chicken rice and potato patty.

Potato Patty

Chicken Rice!!!

It took me most of the whole morning to cook these dish. I like the chicken and chilli the most. Its very nice and tasty. Hmm... as for the rice, there's still room for improvement. Chicken taste not that strong. Might have something to do with the gravy. I'll put on my scientist cap and do some experiment next time.

Haha... Giving my own comments might seems "mai hua zhan hua xiang" but its individual thoughts. So how nice smelling the flower is depends on the individual. My aim is to improve my cooking skills and to learn something besides books.

The bottomline to work hard is just to put food on the table. I'm trying to put food on the table now. Haha...

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juphelia said...

The trick to chicken rice is to apply salt to the chicken first (not too much of course). Then boil the chicken in water, retaining the flavour of the chicken, and hang it up to dry. After that, use the same water to boil the rice, with pandan leaves. That is how the chicken rice and the chicken retains its aromatic flavour. This is a family recipe. Let me know if you want the full recipe. :-p