Sunday, 3 August 2008

A day of walking

Though I do find shopping a form of relaxation, but yesterday's activity tire me so much that I took a nap when I was on my way home and it is those automatic eye closure one. Haha... maybe its the bus environment that's conducive for napping.

Objective - VCR or VCR/DVD-R combo
Starting point - Pearl Centre
Ending point - Liang Court (Audio House)
Timing - 2hrs

Many will ask "A VCR? Is there anyone still using VCR?" Yes. I'm using one and my aunt too. VCR's actually more reliable than DVD-R. Basically, there's no incompatible player. For DVD-R, after recording, there can be cases of player unable to read. Quite fustrating. Anyway, I've got a lot of tapes too. Maybe a VCR/DVD-R combo can reduce my storage space.

Been looking for the VCR or the combo for quite long but many stores do not sell VCR anymore. Heard that there's a shop selling VCR at Outram so I tried to look for it. Walking from Pearl Centre, to People's Park Complex, to People's Park market, to People's Park Centre and finally to Liang Court. It was quite some walking under the hot sun. Nearly melted.

I should say, these 4 shopping centres are quite wonderful. I discovered that if People's Park market sells a lot of ladies fashion and they are quite nice. The price is quite reasonable too. Ladies, if you wanna shop for clothes, you might want to consider People's Park market. Though it is not airconditioned but there are quite a some nice and fashionable clothes.

When I was at audio house, I found that the staff there are quite unprofessional. Maybe with a low price for sale, they couldn't get better staff and training for them. There's this sales person who told one of the shopper to "come to the back" which I see he meant please move back" to feel the difference in the colour and effect of the different brand. I wanted to laugh when he said this. Oops... me bad. I shouldn't talk bad about people but i just can't help mentioning it. Haha...

It was quite a fruitful walking for me.

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