Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Role of Man and Woman in a Family

Read an interesting article today on Straits Times titled "Yes, honey it's your turn to look after the kids tonight". The results are really interesting. Taking a half full or half empty concept. It seems that only 1 in 4 working women requires the help of their husbands. That is to say, only 25% requires help, the other 75% can do without the help from their husbands.

Hey, guys, you've got 25% of chances you'll marry a lady who needs you to do housework. Haha... its really wonderful news for guys. Higher chances of pushing the housework to your partners and can have more time for a drink. Will it be better this way?

I'll think not. The society has changed. Looking back, ladies are the ones staying at home and depending on their husbands to bring back the money. They are required then to tend the kids and look after the family.

Moving forward, ladies now are earning their share and advocating "equality status". The society will be or is at this stage now. Looking at the form up of a family. There are two working adults and the standard of living is very high. To maintain a family, it requires the effort of the couple and not rely on one. Looking from another angle, doing housework can also be enjoyable. I believe it is right for husbands to have a fair share of the housework and tend to the children. Having a more or less balanced "work-housework" life will do good for the couple too. Besides doing housework together can help improve the relationship of the couple. It is also good to husbands to set an example for the children and cultivate their sense of responsibility. Being able to see the growth of children is actually a very wonderful process. Don't you think so?

In life, work is not the only thing that one live for. The other part to a person's life is his/her family. Career is only for a period of time but the family will be forever.

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juphelia said...

To be honest, (OK I can't speak for all woman), but as a woman myself, even with modern values and thoughts, it still gives me no greater pleasure than to do things for the husband. Like making him comfortable and letting him rest and relax after a hard day's work, letting him taste what I cook, ensure he does not worry about the house and the kids.

There are many women out there who will give a lot to their partners. But there are not that many partners who will give back, as most just take for granted. To be able to find such a guy who is willing to help out is a rarity on its own.